Personal Fitness Training in Brighton & Hove


"Jojo's workouts are amazing, the time whizzes by so quickly! Its fun, and the combination of cardio and boxing was perfect." Katie Melua, Singer/Songwriter, Dramatico Records.

"Jojo's training keeps you on your toes, literally! It's never boring, it feels like you're working hard but Jojo keeps it interesting so it never feels samey. Which is exactly how I like it!"
Eliza Doolittle, Singer, Songwriter EMI Records

"Thanks to Jojo my bum is so firm now it's like a rock. Punching another woman has never been so much fun..."
Morgana Robinson, Comedienne, Channel 4

"I had my first session with Jojo yesterday. I wanted to get into a pretty bikini for summer but didn't know where to start. Her enthusiasm really motivated me, although I ache today I look forward to my next session! Happy client!!"
Polly Scattergood, singer/songwriter, Mute Records.

"I don't know if I got my abs back from boxing with Jojo or laughing with her, but its a killer combination!"
Bonnie Molnar, London NW5

"I tried boxing training for the first time with Jojo last week and now I'm addicted. Oh - and don't be afraid to throw your best punches as Jojo can definitely hold her own! Can't wait for my next session!"
Elias Christidis, A&R Director, Parlophone/EMI Records

"I went to Jojo with no confidence in myself as someone who could exercise and she totally transformed that. She is warm, sensitive, inspiring and wise. And she really knows her stuff. I would recommend her without hesitation (and she didn't ask me to write this!). PS It's also so fun boxing you forget you're exercising."
Hannah Mulder, NW5

"I cannot recommend Jojo enough. I have had several sessions with her admittedly reluctantly at first, but have to say by the end of every session I didn't want it to end and came away feeling massively energised and wanting to do it all over again. The workouts are so varied and fun, you never get bored and actually lose sight of the fact that you're working out harder than ever before. To top that off, she's a great person who makes working out more of a pleasure than a chore."
Katherine Parrott, Marketing Manager, Warner Music.

"Jojo's training is thorough, knowledgeable and most of all fun, and I've really noticed the difference in my fitness since training with her. As someone with a gym allergy, I have found all the techniques she teaches are simple enough to keep me motivated to carry them on outside of training sessions. Her training is refreshing and enjoyable."
Biba Hunjan, Creative Artworker for GAP

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